Oh my goodness….

Time flies when you are busy! My daughters high school graduation is in 11 days. We still need to get the graduation/good-bye party planning finished.
My son’s 8th grade graduation is in 15 days. I am on the decorating committee for this one….so glad I am organized (most of the time). Each room has its own box of decorations and a layout of where they need to go. I could hand it all over and they would know exactly what to do (it’s crossed my mind).
The movers will be here in 16 days and we will be on the road in 23 days. {sigh}
I almost have my card list complete. I have all the birthday cards done, or so I thought. As I am looking at the calendar I see one more I want/need to make. I did get one of the three graduation cards made and mailed. I loved making the tassel, they will be in the other 2 cards too.

T's Grad Card
I have one grad card started and I am debating on what I want to do for the last grad card.
Unfortunately I did not get any more cards made for Ann, except her birthday card.☺
But I was able to get a Thank You card in for my daughter’s teacher. I wish I would have had more time to make this. It needed a little more work.

Thank you-on the beach

My Father’s Day cards are next. I am waiting for a package to get one of them started and done, love embossing folders. The other two I am still trying to work out what I want to do.
Unfortunately this will be my last post until we get settled in Texas. I might try to upload the finished projects from my phone but no guarantees.

Have a great summer!☺


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