If the Shoe Fits, Get Them

I love shoes! You know that feeling when you are out shopping and you come across the perfect ….whatever shoes, dress etc. You love the color, you love the price even better BUT the question is Cinderella does it fit? That is my biggest problem when I go shopping. I see an outfit, it’s exactly what I am looking for and I get so disappointed because it does not fit. Yes, I could get it tailored but with shoes you do not have to.
I bought this Tattered Lace High Heel Glam cutting die. It was a little pricey for my taste but I was really in love with it and had to have it. I played around with it and cut out several shoes and then decided to do this…

If the Shoe Fits

I think if I was to do this again, which I probably will, I will do this different. I used double-sided sticky sheet and adhered it to some black paper. I then tried to cut out the  High Heel Glam Tattered Lace cutting die. I say try because I almost gave up. The adhesive and the paper were just so thick I was having a hard time getting all the details to cut thru. Using the double-sided sheet I peeled off sections to expose the adhesive and added glitter. I used my Spellbinders to cut out a square, I sponged some pink in the die because the stark white background was too much. I then added a black mat to bring it all together. The sentiment was done the same way. I added a few butterflies to tie in the visual interest.

Now for the base of the card I followed a tutorial on You Tube called Perforated Pull Cards The polka-dots are washi tape that is covering the perforated area. I did encounter some difficulty pulling the card open. The strips would tear off halfway thru opening. You many see this style of card again because I am planning on revising this card and using mini magnets for closure instead. ☺


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