Life has been so busy since the new year started. I started a new job at the end of 2014. For the last 3 years I have tossed around the idea of becoming a preschool/kindergarten teacher or becoming a florist. I love being around little kids but I love creating things and bringing joy to people (that is why I make cards). While I was living in Oregon I looked into going to school to be a florist. The school was a 2 hour drive (one-way) and it is not cheap. I am very lucky to have a friend here in El Paso who was willing to take me in (with no experience) and give me a chance. I LOVE IT, thank you Sharon! I have learned so much working at the flower shop and want to learn more.
However the downside is I have not been able to make as many cards as I have in the past. Part of my problem is balancing my time, which is a daily struggle job or not. I have learned on the days I work I cannot work on any projects because I lose track of time and before I know it I am rushing to get out the door so I am not late.                       
My family tends to eat more crock-pot meals, casseroles or simple foods that they can cook themselves. I think the Chinese restaurant might know them by their orders as well 🙂

I did remember to take pictures of the cards I have made this year. I am going to start a second gallery of the flower arrangements I make. A lot of times I forget to take pictures or I am in a hurry and the picture ends up being blurry.


HB shaker card  HB Shaker2 Wild Birthday HB friend   Sending you smiles-HB

12-19-14  Made this on my 3rd day of work.




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