Getting Back On Track

Reflecting on 2015, what a year. I had a wonderful opportunity to work in a flower shop. I have been interested in working in a flower shop and boy did I love it! I really enjoy creating things and this was right up my alley. In June my husband received word that his new job would take us out of Texas. June and July were very emotional and stressful  months for me. I quit my job, packed the house (actually the movers did), loaded the car and got on the road. I also received word that my grandparents were not doing so well. My grandmother had fallen and broke her hip and was in the hospital and my grandfather passed away from cancer. Our trip allowed me to see my grandfather before he passed and spend time with my grandmother while she was in rehab. She is up and walking and in good health. 👍

Finally getting to our destination, hotel living and house hunting…are exhausting. August 2015 we moved into our new rental, my son started school a week later. My husband then traveled out of state for work and my daughter started a new college.
What a whirlwind. Trying to figure out what normal is still here in January of 2016. Every time I think I have it figured out something else happens. During all of the chaos I am able to retreat to my card making which makes me smile. Knowing that I can make something that brings me joy and make someone else smile is so gratifying.
I want to start blogging my cards again.  I downloaded WP on my phone and will start this next week. Hoping this will help me keep some sort of normalcy in life.
A happy crafter.


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